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Album Review – Paul James Test Tube Creations REMIXED Volume 1

Reviewer - Pauline Emerson (Australia)

This album is like walking into a nightclub, right from the first song ‘Electric Kiss’ (Leon Lopez) you feel yourself on the dance floor with the most amazing tracks being delivered by extremely talented music artists.
Dancing away I could feel the ‘Devil On My Side’ (Stella Marie) with each and every song being like a ‘(Love Drug) Feel The Rush’ (Silvio). With songs such as these there would be ‘No Evidence’ (Kelsey) of leaving the dance floor.
Kaitie Thomas with her amazing vocals and still another powerful dance track brings the album to a close with the very emotional ‘Missing You’, she delivers those emotions right to you.
Paul James has yet again produced another dynamic album along with the artists not previously mentioned (Defina, Elena Josepha, Georgie Swan, Laura Cyganik, Lyla D Souzza & Danny Neale,) and the Remix Teams (Tosch, Taboo Logik, H&H Soul Survivors, DJ Ronstar, Josh Riptide, Manuel Carranco, Wesley King,Paul Rein & Byron Gilliam). This album is a HIT.


Album Review - Paul James Experiments 'Test Tube Creations'

Reviewer - Karen Heffernan (The Daily Brew Music Review) (Ireland)

This collection / Artist collaboration from Paul James is a fresh vocal upbeat selection of sound that will make you want to get your glad rags on !

With influences across many years of dedication to what is current and what has come before ..
I have watch Paul's progress for a few years now and it is no suprise to me that he continues to produce great sound's ..

No stranger to the music scene Paul has without question earned the recognition for excellent production and a top class approach to his finished product..

This selection of tracks features some excellent vocals and the more you listen the more you want to !..
Any one of these tracks would not be out of place in any of the upmarket dancefloors across the globe..

Full of sexual undertones and late night groove, take a journey into the London scene...
Paul understands where his music lives and thats on the dance floor !
From start to finish this CD is smart ,
elegant and fresh with a 70s disco under current dressed with crisp tones...bringing you smexy grooves with a sprinkling of electric magic ..
Test Tube Creations is only a taste of what Paul James can produce, his dedication to excellence comes trough in every track. A great artisitic collaboration you will listen to again and again ..
13 tracks ...
1. No evidence ft Kelsey
Uplifting beats kicking straight in , crisp melody and vocals from Kelsey ...
2. Unconciousness ft Lyla De Souza  ## (fave track)
Smexy and schmoozy this is one of my favourite tracks ! Definitly a floor filler I defy you to stop yourself from getting your groove on !
3. Devil on my side ft Stella Marie #
Excellent vocals from Stella , this track has an old school disco touch to it ..
4. Blow my Mind ft Georgie Swan #
Georgie caresses you with his sexy vocals, dressed in excellent sounds you wont want this to end..
5.Leon Lopez ..Paul james .. Electric Kiss Original Edit #
The ladies will sway and swish to this one ! clean and sweet with excellent vocals !
6. Love Hurts ft Lyla De Souza #
Bubbly and lovely .. emotional lyrics that you will sing along to !
7.Feel The Rush Love Drug ft Silvio #
A Floor filler .. This track grabs you and holds you !
8. Missing You - ft - Katie Thomas #
We slow things down here... A lovely track that sits easy on your ears ...
9. Learn To Love - ft Anthony Defina
Like a bubbling stream loose yourself in this smooth dance track ...
10. Strip Me Down - ft - Elena Josepha
From the first beat you will want to get down and sexy with this track ..
11.leon Lopez - Paul James ..Toxic Love Affair
Addictive tones carry you onto the floor and will make you want to stay there !
12. Tonight - ft - Sophia Lolley
Atmospheric and smexy Sophia carries you with a smooth elegant tone..
13. Out Of My Life - remix - ft - Laura Cyganik
Last but not least , melodic and smooth ... fresh beats another dance floor killer, the ladies will love it !

Album Review - Paul James Experiments 'Test Tube Creations'

Reviewer - Matthew Fox (United States)

I recently found Paul James music. I am in love with his CD, Experiments 'Test Tube Creations.' The album flows seamlessly from track to track. The sequence of the songs was well thought out and makes a lot of sense.
I have fallen in love with the songs 'Devil on my side' and 'Electric Kiss'.I have heard these two songs on BPM Sirius XM. The song 'Missing You,' pulls you into the story and gets you totally emotional,for those who have lost someone that they loved more than life itself. Every song is a hit just waiting to be launched in the club scene.
The whole album makes me just want to get up and dance. I feel like I just walked in to one of the hottest clubs playing the best music that
 is out there as I listen to the whole album. The vocals of the artist are great. Paul you work with some amazing artists on this album. I can't wait to check out some more of your music. Keep up the great work.
 Your newest fan,


Album Review - Paul James presents Ibiza - Vocal Club Grooves

Reviewer - Captain Kirk (Starfleet Music Pool) (United States)

Here's an extremely hot new dance project by Paul James presents Ibiza Vocal Club Grooves.

WOW, there's 11 songs, with a variety of featured artist, ranging between Electro to Progressive to Tribal tracks, running between 128 to 132 bpm, in this project. I'll list that track information below.

I want to thank Paul for reaching out to us to help support these mixes. Any one of these song, if not all should be top 10 hits in the dance clubs & mixshows around the globe.

You should be able to load up your dancefloors any time of the night with these songs. DO NOT sleep on this project, it will be a hit.

1.Paul James ft Laura Cyganik 'Dirty Boy' (Rachel Ellektras Tribal Girl Mix)
2.Paul James ft Ms M 'My Pain' (VisionX Funky Mix)
3.Paul James ft Ms M 'Runaway' (Paul James Funky Boy Mix)
4.Paul James ft Anthony Defina 'Go A Little Deeper' (VisionX Mix)
5.Paul James ft Carol Jiani 'Radioactive Love' (Rachel Ellektras Atomic Mix)
6.Paul James ft Todd Reeves 'Taken' ( Di Liberato Remix )
7.Paul James ft Kaitie Thomas 'Push Me' (Taboo Logik Tension Mix)
8.Paul James ft Laura Cyganik 'Erogenous Zone' (Elemental Project Remix)
9.Paul James ft Rosey 'Space Odyssey' (Rachel Ellektras Orbit Mix)
10.Paul James ft Kaitie Thomas 'I Wanna Go Back' (VisionX Mix)
11.Paul James ft Donna Hidalgo 'Frequency' (Taboo Logik Manhattan Remix)

Album Review - Paul James presents 'Fusion'

Reviewer - Constantinos Karaiskos (United Kingdom)

One would be excused for thinking that Paul James was a drag act as we break into the electrifying opening track Frequency. On closer listening, it’s the start of great things as we move on from one she-vocal to another; Paul cleverly in control of this masterpiece in the background. Appropriately titled, the album is a fusion of what can only be described as dancefloor genius stemming from the last two decades, screaming for attention and packed with singles that Culture Beat, The Beloved, Snap or Sash at their peak would not disregard as one of their own. 
Free from ballads, this is an album of attitude, frankness and confidence throughout. It is Girl Power achieving new heights as we bounce from the depths of relationship (Too Late For Sorry, Mystery) to planetary awareness (Computer Generation, Solar System) to lyrically sexy raw confessions (Dirty Boy, Text Sex). All vocalists are uniquely presented through their tracks. Ranging from Disco to House and from bleep to sparkle, we are consistently in sound ecstasy.

Lack of male vocal may have been a risk for fellow dance acts such as Van Dyk or Darren Styles, but the album here is strong. ‘I can almost smell your fear… you can’t compete, accept defeat’ expresses Zoe Alexzandra and Donna Hidalgo on No Competition, a hidden metaphor perhaps? Vocals range from Rosey’s Kylie-esque pureness on Space Odyssey which is just beautiful, and can only be described as the modern-day Minnie Riperton classic ‘Loving You’, through to the soaring power source that is Ms. Carol Jiani who delivers Radioactive with such convincing passion.

Standout tracks are I Wanna Go Back sung by Katie Thomas, which oozes Robert Miles at his peak, subtle, dreamy and atmospheric, as is Intoxicated, a track which would not be out of place on Dannii Minogue’s ‘Neon Lights’ album. On track Love Overloaded we can imagine the size of the smile on Donna’s face as she sings her heart out about love at its climax. Totally uplifting stuff.
As I listen to the album over and over looking for faults, things don’t seem to be going too well, instead my hips are swaying and toes are tapping throughout. Enough said. This creation is pure energy fused from modern day nightlife, sex and letting go. It’s not going to appeal to the elderly, but the youth of planet earth will embrace this collection full heartedly alongside older folk who know their music from their throwaway pop. Somebody please change this frequency? I think not. Mr. James is onto a winner here.

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