Ms M


Ms M or Michele Mc Cain as she's better known has got to be the most amazing vocal talent ive heard in years with her incredible range and a delivery which makes you believe she really feel the heartache in the emotionally written, electro club stomper 'My Pain' and the feisty slowgroover 'RUNAWAY'.

I was so lucky to get Ms M on board this project as these 2 songs so needed that DIVA vocal that Michele provided with ease.The tracks kicks some serious ass! Lets hope this crosses over to make Ms M a huge star in the UK as one thing we are lacking in the charts today is a big vocal performance on a dance track,this could well be the answer.

An incredible remix pack of both tracks has pushed the songs forward into clubland and hit the radio waves in a BIG way.Remixes are available courtesy of Hap,Nacho Chapado,Vision X and Paul James over all 3 PULSE REMIXED VOLUMES!!

Ms M's track 'RUNAWAY' released on UK House Label 'Beat Monkey Records' after massive airplay on stations KISS (France/Germany & Brazil), PREPARTY radio from Netherlands - Amsterdam, 8 stations from France - RTS radio,and regular play on the massive online station PRESSURE RADIO! Remixes from the likes of VisionX,Hap,DJ Ronstar,Chris Marsh,Paul James,Taboo Logik,Sevan O and H&H SoulSurvivors made this a wicked release.

About Ms M

Michele McCain is a New York City native known and appreciated for her extraordinary talent throughout the world.

This multi-talented performer of TV, Movies & Radio has also appeared in Tony award- winning musicals such as Broadways Aint Misbehavin, music by Fats Waller, in which she made her Broadway debut. She has also appeared in the award winning Barnum in Berlins Teater des Westens with Freddy Quinn, which brought her to Teatro Monumental in Madrid to do the Spanish version with Emilio Aragon.

An artist of such virtuosity as Michele has had the privilege to have shared the stage with many great artists. Just to mention a few: James Brown, Aretha Franklin, the great legend B.B. King, jazz great Hank Jones, Grammy award-winning blues man Charlie Musselwhite& Tete Montoliu. She has shared the stage with the late great Celia Cruz and has had the privilege to participate in a recording Verde y Negro with the late great Rocio Jurado.

The list goes on and on and is too long to name them all, but she will always be grateful to all the artists whom she has met along her musical journey. Movie credits include Michele as Marilyn in the The Milky Life staring Mickey Rooney and German actress Marianne Sägerbrecht of Bagdad Café and War of the Roses. The Milky Life was nominated for the 43rd Golden Bear awards in Berlin.

Michele can also be seen as Didi in the movie R2 y el caso del cadaver sin cabeza co-starring with her artistic partner of many wonderful years, the grand showman and actor Javier Gurruchaga.

The last appearance for Michele was in the Italian mini-series Meucci (The real story of Alexander Graham Bell) in the part of Mamacita, filmed in Bulgaria and Cadiz (Spain). Michele has also coached, trained, reprimanded, protected and loved all of her girls as jurist for the real-life music show PopStars in Spain.

Her latest project, which she would like to share with you, will be available soon on CD. With her producer and partner Carlos Gallardo, you can find many CDs of dance and house music.


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