Chris Jones

Chris Jones has just experienced massive worldwide success with the incredible dance track GOING WRONG, a collaboration with the number one DJ Armin Van Buuren and im honoured I got the chance to work with such talent!

Im sure Mercy will follow the success which boasts a wicked remix pack from DJ JONZE,ROBERTO BEDROSS,NACHO CHAPADO,GOLLUM SMITH & THE BETA, and PAUL JAMES! All 6 remixes are showcased over the 3 PULSE REMIXED albums! Feedbacks are incredible on Mercy and it was just a matter of time before this jewel of a track was snapped up by US Label PEAK HOUR who showcased the Jonze Remix on their 'Peak Hour Does London' Compilation! Further information on release dates coming real soon.

Chris Jones is a really talented young man, originally part of indie band The Benz, Chris is now a solo artist writing and performing his own tracks. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. His diverse and sublime vocals will make Chris a household name and a worldwide recording artist.Ive been so lucky to work with Chris on 'Mercy' a fusion of electro and rock fuelled pop, he has delivered the goods and Mercy is a real grower and fits perfectly on the 'Pulse' project. Summed up Chris Jones "YOU ROCK!"

About Chris Jones

For many of us, music is a form of entertainment that we enjoy in our spare time, but for some of us, its a way of life, and for Chris Jones, truer words have never been spoken.

His love for music was discovered at a young age, when Chris and a school pal began writing music together, and through this, a group was formed. Songs were written, performances were local, and as there music developed, then the gigs grew to a national level, and they began touring the UK.

Coming from a rock background, Chris decided upon acoustic rock as his platform, and began working with a number of talented and well respected producers. Through these projects, Chris started to develop his writing skills, and began creating songs at an amazing rate, and matured quickly as a solo artist.
What came next would change Chris' life forever, and it came via the form of Roger Shah (FKA DJ Shah), via a message on Chris' My Space page.

Roger had found Chris on My Space, was intrigued by his voice, and after a few conversations back and forth, the foundations of the massive hit "Going Wrong" was born.

After the track was finished, "Going Wrong" was scheduled to be released on Rogers new "Songbook" album, yet this was just the beginning of their new friendship and working relationship.
Once the number 1 DJ in the world (Armin van Buuren) was presented with the track by Roger, Armin had his own plans in mind for this vocal titan, and was set to appear on Armin's upcoming album "Imagine" on Armada.

April 19th 2008 is a date that will always stick out in Chris' mind, as this was the day that he and Roger Shah unforgettably performed "Going Wrong" live with Armin at Armin only in Uttrecht Holland, in front of 20,000 fans. You could barely hear the music, as the 20,000 adoring fans sang along to the number 1 dance track on charts around the world.

This also began the "Imagine" tour for Chris, as he traveled the world with Armin and continued to perform live in Melbourne, Sydney, Romania, Poland, Belguim and the America's. The name Chris Jones began to grow as the performances commenced, and the thousands of partygoers continued singing the praises of "Going Wrong".

As the relationships develop between Roger and Chris, and the international dates continue to grow, so does the personal / working relationship of the two as they begin the task of producing a double artist album in 2009. The many trips abroad, plus the hours of studio time in Roger's studio in Germany, not only increases the work flow, but strengthens their friendship further.

Not a day goes by when Chris does not thank the support and friendship that both Roger and Armin have shown him, and looks forward to another yet even bigger year ahead.

2008 Highlights:
- Meeting Roger Shah on My Space and the journey begins
- Performing live with Roger Shah at "Armin Only" with Armin van Buuren in front of 20,000 people in Holland
- Meeting & working with Armin van Buuren
- Performing with Armin van Buuren on his international "Imagine" Tour all over the world
- Touring and performing around the globe with Roger Shah for thousands of fans
- "Going Wrong" was voted in the top 14 of "A State of Trance" Top 100 of 2008 with Armin van Buuren
- NYE in LA with Armin at "Armin Only" in front of 40,000 people

Chris has a way of writing songs that takes the listener right into the story and keeps them hanging on wanting more, long after the last note has faded away and till your finger automatically clicks on play again. His voice has that stunning quality that shuts your mouth in the middle of a conversation and makes your ear strain towards the speakers, to just hang by and listen, and then listen harder. Christopher Antony Jones, singer, songwriter, listen to him once and you'll be coming back for more.


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